iBinder Checklist

Structure your inspection work in a simple and clear way with iBinder's digital checklists.

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Clear checklist board

  • Follow your quality processes
  • Plan for what is to be done, what is going on and see what has been done

Mobile work

  • Use the checklist whenever and wherever you need it
  • Forget about paper; see what has to be done, execute the work, and the information is immediately available to everyone who requires it
  • Tasks can be easily delegated to another person

Full audit trail

  • All events are saved
  • Pictures, comments and changes are logged in the information

Use the same process to increase the quality of projects and management

Follow all work through the checklist board

Distribute tasks to those who will perform them, both internally and externally

Get reminders on time

Checklists in construction projects or facility management

Anyone can use checklists to reconcile work with clear reconciliation points once you've created them. 
Simplicity is the key word here, as it always is.

Work with the checklist on a mobile device or on the computer.

Use checklists in, for example, quality plans, construction processes, self-inspections, inspections or tours.

Edit, categorise, comment and upload files - see activity log for all events.

I want to test the checklist

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