• Billing information

    Send invoices to SundaHus

    You can send invoices to us in three ways:


    Contact your e-invoicing provider for assistance with how you should send e-invoices to someone using Visma AutoInvoice / InExchage. Our identification is our company registration number (556404-1373) and our GLN (7365564041375). Inform our administrative manager of your intentions on sending e-invoices to us.


    Send PDF invoice to fakturamottagare@sundahus.se


    SundaHus i Linköping AB, Teknikringen 10, 583 30 Linköping

    Receive invoices from SundaHus

     If you wish for us to send e-invoices instead of paper invoices to you, we need the following information from you:

    • Your VAN operator / invoice gear, which for example can be Visma Autoinvoice, Logica, BGC, InExchange or something similar.
    • Your identity in your invoice gear. This will be the company registration number or VAT number, but can also be an intermedia (also called EAN location number) or something else.
    • The electronic reference you want us to enter. This may vary depending on the situation involved. Often it is a project number, billing organization, or code for the person who will approve the invoice.

    We can even send invoices as PDF, in which case we need to know which email address to use.


    +46 13 214090