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    SundaHus users

    SundaHus Material Data is used in both the public and private sectors by property owners to ensure better material choices. Our clients are often long-term owners who wish to work systematically to phase out hazardous substances and to document product choices. Consultants and contractors are also a large group of SundaHus Material Data users.

    How is SundaHus Material Data used?

    SundaHus Material Data is a tool used to fulfill a property owner’s environmental program, document product choices during both the building phase and management and operation of the building.
    We emphasize that SundaHus does not accept or reject products. The property owner or project client decides what is acceptable based on the environmental program and taking into account other factors such as function, quality, esthetics and price. In some cases the environmental requirements are based on SundaHus assessment requirements while in other cases the system is used to place other environmental requirements. Other requirements could be certification systems such as the Swedish system Miljöbyggnad or Nordic Swan Labelling or even the property owner’s own requirements regarding product contents.


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