• SundaHus Material Data

    The tool for effective and result-oriented work for better material choices.

    No one wants to construct buildings with hazardous substances; unfortunately we cannot always avoid them. SundaHus Material Data provides full support in making better material choices, i.e., to avoid products containing hazardous substances and to document product choices. SundaHus Material Data provides the opportunity to monitor the contents of a building over time through reliable product documentation. 

    SundaHus Material Data is one of the market leaders for better material choices within the construction and property markets. The system provides a variety of features which contribute to the time and cost effective use in the entire construction and management process.

    Green Planet In Hands

    SundaHus Material Data in the construction and management process


    As a client with an organization license or project license, you will have a SundaHus contact person who will help you to get started with SundaHus Material Data to make better material choices. A variety of features provided in the system help you to work systematically. This means that not only can you use the system in the planning phase, but also to streamline the process for better material choices in the implementation stage and you can control and follow-up on the organization’s work.


    Since all consultants and contractors are given access to SundaHus Material Data, the work for better material choices is simple and effective. The system's search functions enable all project participants to simply search for the products and ensure they fulfill the property owner’s environmental requirements.

    Registering products is quick and the information about the contents of the building is documented down to the substance level. All documentation such as product data sheets, safety data sheets and building product declarations are saved in the building’s logbook.


    SundaHus Material Data provides a variety of functions for the project client to easily and effectively control and follow-up the work with better material choices. Foremost, the project manager can continuously follow-up the project and see which and how many products are registered for each discipline. The system provides practical functions for managing requirement deviations and reviewing material choices in the project.

    Through continuous project reports, our organization license clients receive quarterly reports with information about current and completed projects, the amount of registered products and the distribution of products containing hazardous substances. The reports are used to set and follow-up on the organization’s environmental goals.


    Having a tool to ensure you make better material choices means it is easier to act and make decisions about products that do not fulfill the project client’s requirements. Through a systemized approach, proven methodology and an effective system, a sound basis for making decisions regarding continued work and revised targets/goals is provided.

    SundaHus Assessment

    In SundaHus Material Data you can search among thousands of assessed product. The assessments are based on different properties and classified into five classes: A, B, C+, C- and D. Our experienced chemists document the contents of the products and assess them according to the SundaHus Assessment Criteria based on the supplier's documentation.

    The SundaHus Assessment Criteria are mainly based on the rules of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 and the Swedish Chemicals Agency’s priority guide PRIO, as well as the Swedish Chemicals Agency's Classification and Labelling Regulations (KIFS 2005:7).


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