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    Why ProductStory?  

    Being visualized on ProductStory means that your products become available on one of the most used platforms for assessed building materials in the Nordics. Our platform and its reach have grown in the Nordic region, with over 6,000 companies in the construction and real estate industries as our customers, and more than 700,000 registered users.

    ProductStory consists of two parts:

    • Assessments
    • Visibility in the building materials database (SundaHus)

    By ordering ProductStory, you as a supplier will be able to tell your story of how your products meet various requirements set by laws, certifications, and other relevant criteria. This way, your products can be matched with thousands of projects looking for and selecting products through our platform. Which creates business opportunities for you as a supplier and helps the construction industry achieve environmental goals and certifications.

    ProductStory is based on analyses of thousands of products, where our experienced chemists and assessors have reviewed the product recipe and matched it against our criteria. This methodology, which we have worked with for more than 30 years, has contributed to a transformation in the construction industry and positioned Sweden as one of the leading countries for more conscious material choices.

    For detailed information about ProductStory, how we work with assessments, and how your products will be visualized on our platform, please see:

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    Please note: To be featured on ProductStory, an active product assessment is required.


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