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    Do you wish to reach new business opportunities and collaborate on new real estate projects? Then it's time to assess your product.

    Through our assessment, your product receives a rating letter indicating how well it meets our criteria and is then matched against the environmental and certification requirements of our real estate customers.

    Assessment type

    Price / Assessment

    Assessment / Re-assessment 2 500 SEK
    Express assessment / Re-assessment 6 000 SEK
    Confidential Assessment / Re-assessment 6 000 SEK

    All prices are presented excluding VAT. Note that an assessment also includes visualization subscription.

    Your assessment remains valid for 5 years. Following this period, a reassessment is required. Failure to conduct a reassessment will result in your product being hidden from projects and becoming unavailable for selection

    Exception for reassessment is granted when the content, manufacturing method, or its location, and/or the internal and external impact of the product remain unchanged. This exception is executed every two years and must be confirmed in writing by the customer.

    For more information, please see:

    Terms and conditions


    Tell your ProductStory and illustrate how your product aligns with building certifications and environmental standards, opening doors to new business ventures and opportunities

    Featuring your product on ProductStory, you subscribe for a 12-month period, which is billed annually. The cost for being visualized is

    20 SEK excluding VAT per product per month.

    Note that visualization also requires an assessment.

    Our subscription operates on a calendar year basis. For instance, if you initiate a subscription in August, it will remain active until the end of December, automatically renewing for another 12 months thereafter. This allows for consolidating all your products on the same period.

    For more information, please see:

    Terms and conditions


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