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    We help companies manage information, data and documentation relating to real estate more efficiently, right through from planning to property management. Via brands such as iBinder, SundaHus, Byggnet, SokoPro and REQS, we help increase the productivity of this sector and reduce its environmental impact.

    Our mission

    iBinder aims to enable sustainable collaboration in the construction and real estate industry. We believe that by providing a powerful modern digital information management platform, we can help create value for our customers and society in general by make processes more efficient, avoiding waste, reducing risk and facilitating compliance with regulations and standards. Our guiding principle is simplicity - iBinder should be the most user-friendly solution on the market.

    Roots in construction

    We were founded in 2005 as Pärmen AB and the original goal was to digitalise the classic construction binder. Over time, the platform has evolved into a complete, mobile-friendly solution for managing not only documents and data but also communication. With access based on permissions, an advanced BIM viewer and integrated version and case management, iBinder is now a modern, scalable solution for all phases of construction projects.

    Our team

    iBinder’s highly-specialised development department continuously expands and refines the platform. We are also proud of our customer support, which helps our more than 700,000 users get the most out of iBinder and collects together suggestions for possible improvements. All our employees are passionate about construction and have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the industry and all the related areas of competency.

    Some of our clients

    Our platform is used by architects, engineers, contractors, project managers and property managers across the entire construction sector. iBinder has customers in all segments of the industry, from small contractors to some of the largest property owners and construction companies in the Nordic region. We are now focusing on further expansion, especially in the European market.

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