• Construction projects

    The construction phase requires significant flexibility and usability for all project participants.

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    More efficient construction projects

    Construction projects accumulate large amounts of files, as well as other related information. iBinder makes information available in a user-friendly way, for both small and large construction projects.

    The construction phase has significant flexibility and usability for all project participants.

    Benefits of iBinder in the construction phase

    • Direct communication with all project participants
    • Review documents in both 2D and 3D formats
    • Access information on any device (computer, tablet or phone)
    • Case management to identify discrepancies to be addressed
    • Planning of actions and reporting back when they are carried out
    • Final inspection

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    How we meet your needs

    Productivity and cost


    Ensure budgets and schedules are met by having the right information in the right place and time, while enabling collaboration in complex projects and organizations

    Sustainability performance


    Boosts sustainability through enhanced life cycle data, aiding certifications, minimizing errors, and facilitating material reuse and waste reduction

    Regulatory compliance 


    Ensure documentation integrity during inspections and warranties, streamline internal and external audits, and comply with regulatory inspections

    Quality improvements


    Reduce risk of information loss during and between different stages, through an uninterrupted digital information flow, enhancing quality



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