iBinder makes it easy to upload, review and view your
    BIM models directly in your binders

    Share BIM models and all their information in iBinder

    iBinder makes it easy to upload, review and show BIM models directly in your binders. We have an integrated viewer that can display models stored in our platform linked to projects or properties. This supports models saved in the industry-leading IFC exchange format, and in the native formats of many of the major BIM applications: RVT from Revit, NWD from Navisworks and DGN from Microstation.

    The BIM viewer has tools for navigating, zooming, panning, sectioning, exploded views and measuring that are easy to understand and use. The interface, like all the others in iBinder, is fully responsive, which makes it easy to always have the model available on your computer, phone or tablet, whether you're in the office or on the go.

    In our BIM viewer, it is possible to select objects directly in the model and display a list of all the information (properties) linked to each object. This information may consist of, for example, description, material, volume and area. It is also possible to search for objects or based on information (properties), so that the search result can be highlighted in the model or isolated by having everything else greyed out.

    The iBinder BIM viewer allows the loading of several different models or several versions of the same model at the same time. All the viewer’s features are then available for the resulting composite model. The result of loading several different models from different trades can be used for both integrated reviewing and collision checking, and loading several versions at the same time makes it easy to see the differences between various versions of models.

    • Upload, review and show BIM models directly to and in your binders
    • A viewer that supports IFC as well as RVT (Revit), NWD (Navisworks) and DGN (Microstation)
    • Responsive interface means that BIM models are accessible on computers, phones and tablets
    • Select objects and view all their properties, such as description, material, volume and area
    • Review multiple models in an integrated way to compare different versions and detect collisions.

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