• Checklists

    Digital checklists allow you to easily and clearly structure your quality management work.

    Checklists for construction projects and management

    Track your quality management process and plan what needs to be done, wherever you are.

    Assign tasks to yourself, someone in your organisation or to external providers. For peace of mind, all events are saved and you can track the work continuously.

    Clear structure for increased quality

    • Use your checklists on the go or on your computer
    • Use checklists for quality management plans, construction processes, self-inspections, regulatory inspections and walkarounds
    • Edit, categorise, comment and upload files
    • View activity logs for all events
    • Assign tasks to be performed, both internally and externally

    Track all work through the checklist board

    Use the same process for projects and property management

    Assign tasks to the right person, both internally and externally

    Use alerts to make sure you don't miss anything important

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