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Environmental certification - what certifications are available and what are the requirements for them?

Environmental certification in the construction sector is used to promote and ensure sustainability, environmental friendliness and the efficient use [...]

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Can the construction industry really become sustainable?

There is a lot of focus on sustainability at the moment, not least in the construction industry. Whoever you ask, sustainability is important, but wha [...]

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Visual aids facilitate design and planning in the construction industry

The construction sector is dynamic, complex and constantly evolving. One of the most prominent changes in recent years is the use of visual aids for d [...]

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How to write winning tenders – a guide

As a contractor, writing tenders for both public and private construction projects is part of everyday working life. Around 30% of all public tenders [...]

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Why we need more women in construction

Construction is one of the most heavily male-dominated industries in Europe. Statistics from Eurostat indicate that only around 10 per cent of employe [...]

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How to use digital tools to improve safety in your construction project

Safety in the context of construction project has become an increasingly hot topic in recent decades. However, the work still is far from safe and con [...]

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Selection binders make you more efficient

Organising and sharing documents effectively can save time and improve collaboration between team members. One feature of iBinder that can be very hel [...]

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How is the construction sector affected by the smart building trend?

Smart buildings can provide a boost for those who use the buildings and those who manage them. The buildings themselves can monitor and control variou [...]

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Managing permissions and simplifying tab management in your projects

iBinder gives you complete control over the management of tabs and permissions in your projects. As an administrator, you can quickly and easily add a [...]

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Demolition – an important source of construction materials

The construction sector accounts for 50% of material production and 35% of waste in the EU. Much of what is thrown away could be reused. This includes [...]

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Our users’ 5 most frequently asked questions

We try to make our products as clear and intuitive to use as possible, but there are always things that could be made even clearer or explained even b [...]

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AI is showing the way to the construction industry of the future

AI and its impact on our society is perhaps the hottest topic of conversation right now. While many people worry about the rapid pace of technological [...]

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4 steps for more efficient construction projects

There are as many ways to manage projects as there are projects. But there are some common denominators among the projects that seem to succeed more o [...]

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Direct reviewing on drawings - advanced notes feature

To simplify and streamline project work, we have now added advanced functionality for reviewing and adding notes in documents, files and drawings. All [...]

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How to improve your procurement

With iBinder, you can carry out private and public procurement in accordance with all the rules and requirements. But how can you squeeze out that lit [...]

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Six factors that create circularity in the construction industry

The construction industry is one of the most resource-intensive sectors and generates large quantities of waste. In Europe, construction and demolitio [...]

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How digitalisation is reducing waste in the construction and real estate sector

More and more people are concerned about environmental issues and there is a strong interest in increasing recycling and reducing our waste. In 2020, [...]

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Five iBinder features you may not know about – tips from the expert

Our platform gets better every week with the addition of new features and updates. That amounts to hundreds of minor and major improvements over a yea [...]

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Five main sustainability challenges in the construction and real estate sector

In the Nordic countries, legal requirements for climate declarations have been or will be introduced for all new construction projects seeking plannin [...]

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How the construction industry benefits from digitalisation

Most industries are becoming increasingly digital, but the revolution has only just begun in the construction industry. Processes that can be easily d [...]

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How historical data is making construction and real estate more sustainable

Construction and real estate companies are increasingly turning to data analytics to help keep to tighter deadlines and manage smaller budgets. By har [...]

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