• The questions most frequently received by iBinder support in 2023

    We at iBinder always strive to make our products as intuitive and easy to use as possible, but there are of course always things that could be made even clearer or explained even better.

    Our support expert Johan Eriksson has collected together some of the questions that are most commonly received by our support team:

    • How do I create a new tab and how do I edit the tabs in my binder?

    Tabs are a great way to organise binders so that they suit your specific business. You have to be an administrator in order to be able to create new tabs and edit existing tabs. Administrators can add new tabs, modify existing tabs and also delete tabs. You can also check this Help Center page.

    • I have apparently been invited to join a binder, but can’t see it in my account?

    This usually happens because the administrator has invited you using an incorrect email address or an address with a spelling mistake. First check that the binder is definitely not on your bookshelf, then contact the administrator and ask to be invited using the correct email address. We at support cannot help add users to specific binders, as this can only be done by users who have the correct permission for the relevant binder.

    • I want to organise a procurement process related to my project. How can I do that?

    It’s very straightforward. On your bookshelf, which is where you are just after logging in, there is a button on the far right called “Create new binder”. Press that and follow the instructions; it won’t take more than 30 seconds.

    • Climate declarations are increasingly being required, especially for new buildings. Can iBinder help with these?

    Definitely! One of our brands in iBinder Group is called SundaHus. Via that we offer leading services related to climate declarations and logbooks. We also have the largest database of assessed building materials in the Nordic region, so you can easily make your project more environmentally friendly by using this.

    • An administrator wants to send me an invite but cannot find my email address on the platform?

    This is a fairly common issue and of course has a very straightforward solution. It is possible to send an invite to any email address via the platform; just type it in and send an invite. But as a user, you can make it easier to receive invites. Just go into your user profile, click on account settings and tick that you allow others to see your profile on the platform.

    • As an administrator, can I lock a tab?

    Yes, administrators can lock tabs or selected folders with sensitive content that are on a tab. Locking a tab means that participants and guests who have not been given permission to access it will not see the tab/folder or its contents. More information is available here in the “Special permission tab” section.

    • How can I access a previous version of a document?

    If previous versions of the document exist, just click on the arrow to the right of the version number. The previous versions are then listed below the latest version. You can also manage these and see in the log who uploaded them and when they were uploaded. More information about version management is available in our help centre.

    • Why are selection binders useful and how can I create them?

    Selection binders enable you to filter out selected documents from a project or management binder and place them in a binder of your own. You can then invite selected participants to the selection binder and also manage messages and Q&As. This makes it easy to share the right information with the right people. A Selection binder can be created in the same way as a normal binder, in your home view. More information is available here.

    • I can’t log in, what can I do?

    If you cannot log in, start by checking that you are entering the correct email address and password. Note that passwords are case sensitive. To reset your password, just click on “Forgot your password?”. It is advisable to tick “Remember me”, so that you don’t have to fill in your login details every time you log in.

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