Our platform is often used as a tool to help clients fulfil their environmental programmes and to know what materials a building actually contains.

Proven value of certification

Certifications ensure that sustainability issues are included throughout the life of the building. Our platform is often used as a tool to help clients fulfil their environmental programmes, document the construction products in buildings and keep track of the products used in the management and operation of buildings.

Environmental requirements for increased value

Many clients set environmental requirements according to our own assessment criteria, while others use the system to set other environmental requirements. This may include, e.g. requirements according to a certification system such as Miljöbyggnad, Nordic Ecolabel, BREEAM-SE, or your own requirements regarding the content of construction products.

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Environmental training

Tailored training courses linked in various ways to informed choices of materials and environmentally sustainable construction, based on your and your organisation's needs.

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Choice of materials

Complete support in documenting the choice of materials so you can make more informed decisions and avoid products containing hazardous substances.

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Climate declaration

See the impact of your project and make your climate declarations with only a few clicks.



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