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    When you accept our new terms, existing assessed products will automatically be included in a ProductStory subscription per assessment. These products will continue to be visible and selectable for property projects. By accepting our terms, you also permit SundaHus to issue an invoice for ProductStory starting from July 1st, which covers the products currently assessed in our database according to the new terms.

    If you, as a customer, wish to make changes to which products should be visualized, please do so by emailing support@sundahus.se before July 1st 2024.

    We look forward to continued collaboration where we can jointly contribute to more conscious material choices and a better built environment within the construction industry.

    If you, as a customer, do not accept our terms, we will terminate the current agreement, and your products will be hidden in the database after 3 months.

    Here are our terms.

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    Thank you for accepting our new terms

    We are delighted that so many have already chosen to continue contributing to a better built environment through ProductStory. By creating transparency in building material content and ensuring that the right products are selected based on the properties' environmental and certification requirements, we are contributing together to a more sustainable future.


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