• Welcome to the new iBinder

    We are excited to introduce you to the new iBinder platform. Everything from design to features to system architecture has been transformed, which is an important step in ensuring that we can continue to produce a product that our users love

    A brand new book-shelf experience

    • The bookshelf now shows you a completely new design that has the same identity as the previous platform
    • The ring binder creation process has been optimized and now gives you more customization options
    • You can create and name the bookshelves you want. In this way, you can organise your project constellations as you wish.

    A brand new mobile bookshelf experience

    • The new iBinder platform gives you a great mobile interface, so you can easily access your projects and tasks on the go
    • iBinder automatically detects your screen size and customizes the user interface for an optimal user experience.

    Improved navigation

    • Navigation between tabs and subfolders in binders on mobile devices is done with a pop-up function.
    • The global search function can help you find the information you need to use quickly and efficiently.
    • Reviewing files has now become more intuitive and visual

    Smart file upload

    • When you upload files to iBinder, you can continue your work elsewhere in the platform knowing that the files are being uploaded in the background.

    • The new upload technology allows you to upload files that take up to 5 terabytes for each piece!

    Better file structure and viewing

    • We've upgraded file and metadata display features

    • Easier to see and customize the important information to share with your cooperating players in your binder

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