• Environmental training

    We offer tailored training courses linked in various ways to informed choices of materials and environmentally sustainable construction, based on your and your organization's needs.

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    Training for environmentally sustainable construction

    All our training courses are linked to how you can make more informed choices of materials and make your building project more sustainable, based on your and your organization's needs. Our experienced trainers deliver both broad-based training for large audiences and customized courses.

    Training can be based on our services or be completely standalone, delivered both in person and online, and adapted to your environmental needs and requirements.

    Our range of courses

    Training for suppliers and producers of construction products

    We offer training for suppliers and producers of construction products. The training focuses on SundaHus documentation requirements, how SundaHus Environmental Data is used in projects and the requirements for building materials in different types of certification systems. SundaHus chemical specialists participate in the training and there is plenty of scope for questions and discussions:

    • How is SundaHus Environmental Data used in projects?
    • SundaHus assessment criteria.
    • SundaHus demo + workshop: How do suppliers use SundaHus?
    • How can SundaHus Environmental Data be used to monitor different requirements in the different certification systems, Miljöbyggnad, BREEAM and Nordic Ecolabel?
    • What information does SundaHus need and how do you complete a construction product declaration?
    • Workshops and exercises

    Basic training on SundaHus Environmental Data for project participants

    We offer live, online half-day basic training on SundaHus Environmental Data. The training course provides an introduction on how to use SundaHus in projects, as well as important issues related to choosing materials. The target group is contractors and consultants who use SundaHus Environmental Data in projects.

    • Introduction to SundaHus
    • Common environmental requirements relating to construction
    • SundaHus Environmental Data, including demo & exercises (workshop)
    • Materials and chemicals
    • Indoor environment

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