Document management

Having all documentation in one place reduces administration, minimizes discrepancies and boosts cooperation between disciplines in projects.

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Digital document management

Our document management platform makes your construction project more efficient. The design, inspired by a traditional binder, allows everyone to quickly and easily get up to speed on a project, regardless of their location or technical expertise.

iBinder provides the functionality needed to manage and streamline all types of projects, regardless of size and complexity. The system is built on simplicity and in-depth knowledge of every scenario that might occur during a project.

iBinder allows people to work together efficiently

Property Management

All processes and documents are available and updated in one place. iBinder makes property management and administration easier, safer and more secure.

The project plan

Well-organized cooperation is one of the keys to a successful construction project. iBinder allows you to create a structure that keeps information together, from the early stages of a project all the way to management.


Accurate and reliable responses provide more convenient and secure inquiry and procurement processes. iBinder makes it easy to structure, update and request the required information from all parties involved.


Construction projects accumulate large amounts of files, as well as other related information. iBinder makes information available in a user-friendly way, for both small and large construction projects.

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Accurate and reliable responses provide a more convenient and secure process for all types of inquiries and procurement.

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Property Management

iBinder allows you to manage administration, documentation, operation and maintenance via a single platform.

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Digital checklists allow you to easily and clearly structure your quality management work.

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