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Six factors that create circularity in the construction industry

The construction industry is one of the most resource-intensive sectors and generates large quantities of waste. In Europe, construction and demolitio [...]

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How digitalisation is reducing waste in the construction and real estate sector

More and more people are concerned about environmental issues and there is a strong interest in increasing recycling and reducing our waste. In 2020, [...]

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Five iBinder features you may not know about – tips from the expert

Our platform gets better every week with the addition of new features and updates. That amounts to hundreds of minor and major improvements over a yea [...]

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Five main sustainability challenges in the construction and real estate sector

In the Nordic countries, legal requirements for climate declarations have been or will be introduced for all new construction projects seeking plannin [...]

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How the construction industry benefits from digitalization

Most industries are becoming increasingly digital, but the revolution has only just begun in the construction industry. Processes that can be easily d [...]

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How historical data is making construction and real estate more sustainable

Construction and real estate companies are increasingly turning to data analytics to help keep to tighter deadlines and manage smaller budgets. By har [...]

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