• Choice of materials

    Our system provides complete support in documenting the choice of materials so you can make more informed decisions and avoid products containing hazardous substances.

    Informed choice of materials increases the value of a property

    Together with SundaHus, iBinder offers the market's leading system for informed choices of materials in the construction and real estate industry. Our system provides full support for making informed choices of materials to help avoid products containing hazardous substances and to document product choices. By documenting the chemical substances contained in construction products, the system allows you to track the content of a building over time.

    The system includes a wealth of features that can help save time and money throughout the construction and management process.

    Meeting environmental requirements in your project

    iBinder allows you to easily achieve the tough environmental requirements in your construction project that are needed to: 

    • Meet EU Taxonomy requirements
    • Achieve certification to Miljöbyggnad, BREEAM-SE, Nordic Ecolabel and other environmental standards
    • Calculate the carbon footprint, according to the Swedish Act on Climate Declaration for New Buildings

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