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    iBinder makes it easy to structure, update and request
    information from all parties involved.

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    Efficient inquiries and procurement

    Accurate and reliable responses provide a more convenient and secure process for all types of inquiries and procurement. 

    iBinder brings together everything you require and what your recipients need to see to ensure your procurement process is slick yet secure. Updates are accessible to everyone, questions can be asked and answered directly on the platform and without the risk of leaving out those who need to know. iBinder makes it easy to manage enquiries and procurement processes.

    All functions in a single tool

    • Support for both private and public procurement based on the Swedish Public Procurement Act
    • Simple, time-saving Q&A management with full anonymity
    • Ability to see what is being issued to tenderers
    • Tenderers may use sub-consultants
    • Ability to select and share winning tenders
    • See early on who has read the tender documentation, submitted a tender or chosen not to submit
    • Chronological timeline of key events in the process

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    Document management

    Having all documentation in one place reduces administration, minimizes discrepancies and boosts cooperation.

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    Property Management

    iBinder allows you to manage administration, documentation,
    operation and maintenance in a single platform.

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    Construction projects

    The construction phase requires significant flexibility and usability for all project participants.

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