Safe and flexible e-Tendering tailored to the construction industry. Easy to structure, update and request information.

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All functionality in one platform

Tailored functionality for e-Tendering and procurement in the private sector

Tailored functionality for e-Tendering and procurement in the public sector

Publish the procurement in external advertising tools

Opening procedure during procurement with regard to tender time

Display the request and procurement as well as publicly answer anonymized questions

Publication of winning tenders

Anyone can anonymously invite others to participate in the bidding process

Unlimited number of administrators in your tenders

Unlimited number of participants in your tenders

Use as much data as you want

First class support

Lots of articles, guides and videos for effective use

Professional personal assistance via email from our valued support team

Introduction to iBinder in the form of videos, guides and articles


A platform for procurement and inquiries tailored for construction.

$9 / month


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  • Fixed monthly cost without hidden fees

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does it cost anything to make more tenders or invite others?

No, iBinder is a collaboration platform and we want you to be able to handle your procurements and requests without having to worry about extra costs.

Can everyone access the platform?

Yes, you decide who and how to invite tenderers or participants.

What is iBinder's refund policy?

In order for you to know what you are buying from us, we have a trial period of 14 days. Then you can test and see how you best use our platform. You can cancel at any time, then just contact our support via support@ibinder.com.

How can I pay?

You can pay by card or invoice and the agreement is ongoing and paid monthly.

How long is the cancellation period and does the subscription renew automatically?

Yes, the subscription renews automatically and the notice period is 30-days.

What is the fastest way to learn iBinder?

Our platform is built on simplicity and there is no onboarding required to learn iBinder. If you want to become a professional user, we recommend the introductory videos in our Help Center.

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