• iBinder – the best choice for municipalities from a life cycle perspective

    Municipalities face unique challenges with regard to property management and construction projects. A municipality needs to take a life-cycle approach to all construction works, and constantly adapt projects and property management to its governance and budgetary requirements. iBinder is an easy-to-use solution that supports the work in all phases, leading to increased efficiency, transparency and ultimately added value for municipality residents.

    Popular platform with a focus on simplicity

    With many thousands of daily users, iBinder is a well-established platform that can be used by all parties in a building’s life cycle, such as architects, designers, property managers and contractors. Our motto is simplicity, and with our flexible, fully mobile-friendly solution, all users can access all information wherever they are. We also pride ourselves on our support and are constantly working to develop iBinder to suit the changing needs of our customers.

    Efficient use of resources

    With structured document management and integrated features for easy handover and communication, iBinder helps you make efficient use of your municipality’s resources in terms of time, equipment and staff. Handovers between the project and management phases can sometimes be unnecessarily time-consuming. But having all the information in the same place reduces the risk of duplication and misunderstanding, thus saving time and money and ensuring that projects are completed safely and efficiently. 

    Transparent procurement, construction and management

    By providing full visibility in all project phases and a history log that can help resolve any future disputes, iBinder facilitates proper and responsible procurement, construction and management. This is important for building trust in the municipality’s activities. By increasing the transparency and efficiency of your municipality’s property management and construction projects, you can also deliver better services to the municipality’s residents and create a more attractive and sustainable living environment for everyone.

    Sustainability and reduced environmental impact

    iBinder offers a complete solution for documentation and control of properties in all phases. This facilitates compliance with building codes and regulations. By optimising maintenance and renovation efforts, you can also extend the lifespan of your properties and reduce the need for new construction, thereby minimising environmental impact and protecting the municipality’s investments. By digitising your documents and processes with iBinder, you also reduce paper consumption and minimise your environmental impact.

    Secure storage and the latest technology facilitate collaboration

    iBinder offers secure storage that is compliant with new EU directives and uses the latest building information modelling technology, thus giving you peace of mind and efficiency in your projects. With iBinder, you can be sure that your data is protected and that you are using the most advanced technology for your needs, while iBinder’s advanced BIM management ensures smooth data transfer and collaboration with contractors and suppliers.

    Data analysis and reporting for the best results

    iBinder provides not only easy access to all your construction data, but also the ability to analyse it and generate reports in order to gain insights and make informed decisions. It helps you optimise your processes and resources to achieve the best possible results.

    Adaptation to meet the diverse needs of the municipality

    Municipal construction projects range from housing, schools and offices to healthcare facilities and infrastructure. As it can be adapted to fit each municipality’s specific ways of working and processes, iBinder provides the flexibility to customise the solution to your unique needs and requirements. iBinder can also be seamlessly integrated with existing systems. Whether for small or large projects, iBinder can be customised to suit your requirements and scaled up or down to suit the needs of your organisation and activities.

    Lilium Hirschskahuset

    Benefits of iBinder for municipalities:

    • Control and documentation, including drawings, with a life cycle perspective
    • Adaptable to the municipality’s specific working methods and processes
    • Smooth handovers between phases
    • One system for all sizes of projects
    • Integrated BIM viewer with full functionality
    • Communication, case management and history log in the tool
    • Usage permissions can be defined at all levels
    • Reminders for inspections, maintenance and contracts
    • Works on computers, tablets and phones
    • Secure storage pursuant to new EU directives
    • Well-established and easy to use for everyone, with excellent support

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