• Use of templates

    Here you can read about how to simplify your work process in iBinder by using templates for binder structures and tab structures. In order to be able to do this, one needs to have either Owner or Administrator rights in the organization binder.

    Use of binder templates

    Read about how to create and edit binder templates for the organization.

    Use of tab structure templates

    Read about how to create and edit tab structure templates for the organization.

    Use of binder templates

    Open the organization binder and click on "Templates":


    Click on "Binder templates".

    Here you can see an overview of the organization's templates. To edit an existing binder template, simply click on it.

    To create a new binder template, click on "+Create template".


    Fill in the fields as illustrated below:


    1. 1. Select if the template is going to be used for projects, facility management or enquiry binders.
    2. 2. Select if the template should be based of an existing templare or binder.
    3. 3. Select which template or binder it should be based on. If you want to start with a clean binder, select "No template".
    4. 4. Select a name for the binder.
    5. 5. Select a description for the binder (optional).
    6. 6. Select a predefined color for binders created based on the template. Select if the color should be fixed or selectable.
    7. 7. Select a logo that is automatically applied to binders created based on the template, also if it should be possible to replace or remove the logo (optional).


    Click on "Save".

    Edit template information

    You can edit template information any time by clicking on "Edit template information".


    Edit users and roles

    Click on "Edit users and roles".


    Here you can select which persons who should be automatically invited when a new binder is created based on the template. Select who should be invited as administrators and who should be invited as participants.


    Now you can select which roles that should be available in binders created based on the template. Click on the desired roles for the template to include them. Custom roles can be added by contacting iBinder support.


    Edit template tabs

    Click on "Edit template tabs".


    Click on "Add tab" to add new tabs.

    Enter a name for the tab and select an apropriate tab type.


    1. 1. Click on the "eye" to toggle the default visibility of the tab.
    2. 2. Enter the name of the tab. If the tab name is very long, one can choose to enter a "short name" aswell; to do so, click on "Add short name" (optional).
    3. 3. Select tab type. Below is a summary of the most common tab types.


    If you want to edit the tab permissions, click on "More settings".


    Under "Tab access" it is possible to choose whether the tab should be accessable by everyone, or just by specific people or roles.

    Once you are done, click "Save". It is possible to edit the tabs at any time, but any changes made will only apply to new binders created after the change was made.

    Common tab types

    CAD files - used for working drawings, for example dwg-files.

    BIM files - at the moment, the same as CAD-files.

    Documents - the standard tab type. Can be used for all kinds of documents.

    Drawings - provides extra metadata fields such as "scale" and more. Commonly used for PDF drawings.

    Folder for subfolders - used when extra levels of subfolders is desired.

    CAD files/Drawings/Documents with technical areas - like the tab types mentioned above, except they come prepared with subfolders for common technical areas.

    Checklist - used for the checklist feature.

    Contract application - used for the contract application feature.

    Files in the template binder

    It is possible to add files inside a template binder. This means any new binder created based on the template binder will also come prepared with these files.

    Expand the tab which should contain template files and click on "More settings":


    Click "Add file":


    Select which file or files that should be added. Enter metadata (optional).

    You can always edit metadata or delete a file if desired, click as below:


    Using tab structure templates

    Open the organization binder and click on "Templates".


    Click on "Tab structure templates".

    Click on an existing template to edit it.

    To create a new tab structure template, click on "+Create template".


    Choose a name and a description for the tab (optional).

    Click on "Save".


    Click on "Edit template tabs":


    Now you may create desired folder structures using the instructions described here.

    Once a tab template structure is saved, it can be used as a "tab type" in any binder belonging to the organization.




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