• Publishing procurements

    As soon as the first file is uploaded to the "Procurement documents" tab, a banner appears at the top with a message indicating that it has not been published. Click "Publish" to start publishing the procurement documents to make them visible to tenderers.



    Enter a title and a message for tenderers. A deadline/end date has to be entered now if this has not already been done. Once the end date has expired, tenderers will no longer be able to submit tenders.
    Tenderers will receive an email notification that the tender has been published as soon as the "Publish" button is clicked.



    Public links
    A public link can be used to easily publish the procurement binder in e.g. EU Supply or similar. 
    Click "Create" to create a public link.



    Then click "Copy public tender link" and paste it into the advertising system of your choice.



    Note that procurement documents have to be first uploaded and published before the link can be used. 



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