Creating/Editing procurement binders

Creating new procurement binders

Read about how to create a new procurement binder.

Editing procurements

Read about how to edit information and end dates.

Closing procurement binders

Read about how to download and close a procurement binder.

Creating new procurement binders

Click "+Create new binder".
Select the "iBinder procurement template" binder type and give the binder a name and colour. 


Then fill in a binder spine description (optional) and click "Create binder".

Editing procurements

Admin permission is required to delete, edit or archive a procurement binder.
The tender deadline date and Q&As can be changed by clicking on "Change" on the left. 


Click on the "dots" to display more options: 


Editing binder information:
Click "Edit procurement" to change its name, description, colour, language or logo. Then click 'Save'. 


Editing binder description:
You can change or add a description with free text, lists and images. Then click 'Save'. 


Closing procurements 


Downloading procurements:

It is possible to download all procurement documents as a ZIP file to your computer.

Deleting procurements:

The entire procurement binder is removed.

Archiving binders:

Contact iBinder support for assistance if you want to close but set the procurement binder in archived mode.


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